Thursday, September 29, 2016


Time, as known to us, has gone by so quickly and now I am here again, reborn in a new emotional self, still in the same physical body, moved by the ancient soul and spirit.  There was a vacuum in this blog because it did not interest me.  Instead I kept and still keep a hand written diary.

Reborn.  How so?  Well, each day I die to myself when I realise how far away I (the egoic mind) has ventured out away from my true Self and lived a physical life with no meaning.  And my soul somehow pulls me back repeatedly.  Or at least I feel that I am pulled back repeatedly every day.  To be lost in the world which is so noisy with so much going around, one gets lost in the fog.  Fortunately, like the prodigal child, I return each day, feeling tired, feeling drained, feeling disconnected from my Self, from God.

So yes, rebirth.  Each day I take rebirth to my inner self, my true Self.  If only I remember to stay home in the calmness and peace.  And if I do venture out into the world, I wish for protection from being dragged into the false, material structures that human beings have created, and to remain who I am truly.