Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why eagle2phoenix? In my meditation many years ago, I saw myself as an eagle, a proud bird of prey, flying high in the sky. The eagle is the king of of the sky. I was a proud eagle, full of pride and ego, who got hurt, fell to the ground and died. But in death, I arose as the flaming bird of life, the mythical Phoenix, which will never die. The Phoenix can burn itself out but it can heal its self and come back again and again.

I was an eagle turned into a phoenix. My soul lives on forever. My soul, my light, my god, my being. I came from the Supreme Being, and I return to the Supreme Being. My life on earth is just a journey to work on who I really am. Caroline is just a name given to me by my earthly parents, whom I love and are grateful toward. I have to work out my life this lifetime so that I can become a more complete Being, having been fallen. I am here to learn and remember who I am so that when I return home, I am the bright light born pure.

So are everyone on this planet.

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